The Ovule

The Ovule by Zoe Fry

The Ovule Installation is an exploration of the feminine self and the value found there. The Ovule is a large, warm egg anchored to the earth by glowing emerald roots. It will contain three primary elements, a self portrait, a tree that's bark is an amalgam of smaller sculptures representing the spectrum of shape, gender, and color of humanity, and a chandelier canopy of nature. A book of essays on feminine values will be chained to the egg. This book will be written by you.

"About a year ago I asked myself what kind of art would I bring to Burning Man, this is the image that immediately popped in my head. I've discovered that I'm building it for me, to find my voice as a woman, and I'm building it to be an invitation for others to join me in a love affair. The love affair I seek to inspire is with Mother Nature, with the spectrum of plants, animals, and humanity that exists on this gloriously magnificent gem of a planet we call home. I'm building it to create a container for other artists that want to help us express that love affair."

Please participate in co-creating this with myself, and The Introverts Collective. Here are the ways:

1. We need financial support for materials and transportation costs. It won't get there without you!  Crowdfund:

2. If you have ever felt that your body shape, gender, or skin color has been under represented in art this is for you. We want submissions of small body sculptures made from clay. Email for directions.

3. We are asking for submissions from artists that create flora and fauna. Anything that might be suited to building a facsimile of a biosphere. Email with images and sizes of your work. We will curate, but will do our best to include many. 

4. Submit an essay, poem, or art for our book. We want to hear from all genders. You can email submissions to by August 10 or bring to playa and drop in our box when you visit The Ovule. We want 200-1,000 words. Prompt: What does it mean to have your feminine values claimed by you, nurtured by you. How would (or how has) empowering feminine values change your life and identity. How would it change your industry, your work, your relationships, etc. We want to learn from you.

More on the Concept

An Ovule is the part of the ovary of seed plants that contains the female germ cell and after fertilization becomes the seed. The intention of this piece is to ask where the feminine exists within, where and how can Gaia, the spirit of living earth, be honored, valued, nurtured and planted. It is possible our  personal  metamorphoses, from binary patriarchy and internalized misogyny, to a shared cultural celebration of our diversity and capacities, is the path for transformation and planetary paradigm change.